Jr. Americans


Welcome to the Jr. Amerks apparel store!

Returning Jr. Amerks Travel Players

Players returning to the Jr. Amerks travel program are only required to purchase the following: 

  • Bauer pants and Bauer Jacket (track suit)
  • New practice jerseys. Moe’s Rochester is our practice jersey partner this year and we will be able to offer those at a reduced price. Please check with your head coach and confirm the color of your player’s practice jersey before you place your order. 

Game jerseys (blue and white), game socks (blue and white), practice socks, royal blue helmets, Jr. Amerks shell or pants, red/white/blue gloves, t-shirt, shorts, and hoodie are required as part of the Jr. Amerks travel player uniform and apparel standards. If players already have these items, they do not need to purchase them again.  

New Jr. Amerks Travel Players

Players new to the Jr. Amerks organization, or new to the travel program, are required to purchase the following uniform and apparel items:

  • Required Uniform: Game jerseys (blue and white); game socks (blue and white); Jr. Amerks shell or pants; practice jersey; practice socks, and team bag. If your player already owns a blue game jersey, and is keeping the same number, you only need to purchase a white game jersey.   

Travel players must also wear royal blue helmets and red/white/blue gloves. To ensure the consistency of helmet colors and glove colors, we have partnered with the Rochester Ice Center Pro Shop to offer these items to you at a reduced price. The actual Bauer helmet color is called Blue not Royal Blue. The glove colors are a non-stock color and can only be found through the Rochester Ice Center.

  • Team Track Suit: Bauer jacket, Bauer pant
  • Warm Up Apparel: T-shirt, shorts, and hoodie

All other items available in the store are optional.

Practice Jerseys and Numbers

Please check with your head coach to confirm your player’s jersey number and practice jersey color before placing your order. Practice jersey colors include:

Required Uniform

*Both blue & white uniforms are required for AAA & AA Travel Players. House players need ONLY a blue uniform and a white practice jersey.

Required For All Travel Players

Bauer Jacket comes with logo, name and player number. Pants come with player number on left leg.

Warmup Apparel

Required for AAA/AA. If players already have these items, they do not need to purchase them again.

T-shirt, Hoodie and shorts come with player number.

Optional Items